Kokomo Pride - LGBTO Pride & Support

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LGBT pride and support in the Kokomo area

Message: (from founder, Dustin Gibson)

Kokomo Pride recently held elections for 2014. There will be new and different roles in the leadership upcoming for Kokomo Pride. As the founder you may still hear from me time to time, but you will probably mostly hear from the elected president, Dan Harris, vice president, James Smith, and secretary, Darrell Blasius. Thank you to everyone who helped me get the group started in 2013, and thanks to Kokomo Tribune for helping get the word out! ~Dustin Gibson

The new owners changed the website to THIS LINK. This is no longer the website used by Kokomo Pride.

Kokomo and the surrounding area has a lot of LGBT people, and a lot of LGBT supporters! This is the page for the first official group formed to represent those people! Fell free to used the buttons above to navigate through the site! :)

Also the "O" i commonly put on the end of LGBT is for "other". That is to include everyone else, including pansexual, asexual, questioning, polysexual, and whatever else you may identify as!

There is still a few minor touches to be done to this website, this will not be the final version. Give us any feedback on Facebook, Twitter, here under "contact us", or [email protected]