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October Meeting Recap

Posted by thefamemonster on October 18, 2013 at 9:10 AM Comments comments (48)


Hello everyone, this is Dan Harris from Kokomo Pride.

Thank you to everyone who came out to see us Wednesday night for the fourth meeting of Kokomo Pride. We met at 6pm at the Pepperwhistle Cafe on the east side of the square in Kokomo. The official portion of the meeting was called around 6:20pm. Our gracious host for the night was Mr Jay Miller, who provided the drinks and snacks for the evening. There were a total of seventeen people in attendance, seven of whom were newcomers.

We continued our discussed of coordinating our efforts with Sarah Sarber, Dean of Students at IUK. The university is looking to form a LGBT friendly group, encourage diversity and community outreach. Jason has agreed to contact Ms Sarber at IUK to discuss their needs and concerns.

Member James brought us the idea of donating to Toys for Tots this Christmas season. We will continue to investigate and discuss this at the November meeting on the 20th.

We discussed the possibility of having a booth and/or marching in the Indianapolis Pride 2014. Two members have contacts with the Indy Pride group and have volunteered to ask them for more information of the possibility of our group participating in 2014.

I suggested that we consider going rollerskating at Skate World of Kokomo (http://skateworldofkokomo.com/) in the coming months. Skate World is able to offer a rate and party rentals. However, their email addresses are not working and no one was answering their telephone number at the time of this message. Attempts to contact them for more information of their pricing and rates have not been successful. If there is another place nearby where we might be able to go rollerskating I'd be interested in contacting them as well.

Last, we discussed with our newcomers what we have been doing and asked what they were looking for in Kokomo. The common theme among everyone who has come seems to be a desire for social gatherings and community building.

Before I close out this long winded message I want to encourage everyone to do some outreach in your own circle of friends and associates. There are many people out there that don't know there is a GLBT group starting to form in Kokomo, where we are or what we do. If everyone can bring a friend who might be interested we can begin to build a strong community. And with more people we can begin to do more in the Kokomo/Howard Co. area.

Darrell suggested we should consider planting flowers to help increase our "street cred" (my words, not his) and encourage a positive image in Kokomo. If we were donating to Toys For Tots (hat tip James) and consider other community service projects we will begin to build something truly worthwhile.

I'm sure I have forgotten some details of the meeting Wednesday that were not included here. If anyone has something they would like to share or contribute please feel free to post to the Kokomo Pride page on Facebook, or you may click "Reply All" to the email last night's participants should have received.

This is an informal, grass roots group and everyone is free to contribute and speak if they wish.

One last housekeeping message before I close. In the upcoming meeting in November we would like to preface our formal meeting with half an hour in which to socialize, meet and greet. The group discussion will take place on the upper loft area that Pepperwhistle has generously allowed us to use.

Upcoming Pride Meeting:

When - Wednesday, Nov 20. 6pm

Where - Pepperwhistle Cafe

Address: 106 N Main St, Kokomo, IN 46901

Phone: (765) 398-1851

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KokomoPride

Twitter: @KokomoPride

Website: http://kokomopride.webs.com/

Thank you,

Dan Harris"

Looking forward to the next meeting in November!
Dustin Gibson